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9:00 AM, Cleveland Improv, Downtown Cleveland


Join 100s of founders and investors from across the Rust Belt in Cleveland for a day and night of connections, collaboration and inspiration.

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Last year, the Summit [then called Industry Digital Summit] brought together 350 startup founders and investors from across 5 states in the Rust Belt. On May 15th, we’re doing it again with a full day featuring prominent speakers and entrepreneurs from across the country delivering inspirational talks. And like any other TechPint event, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow founders during the programming and afterward over a few pints.

See what happened last year.

Speakers Include

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Paul Singh

Founder, Disruption Corporation

Topic: The Business of (Tech) Startups – on the intersection of venture capital, tech-enabled companies and the American city.

Paul is the founder of Disruption Corporation and general partner of Disruption’s post-seed venture capital arm, Crystal Tech Fund.  Disruption provides tools and investment in the maturing private market.  Prior to Disruption Corporation, Paul was a Partner at 500 Startups, an accelerator and venture firm headquartered in Silicon Valley that has invested in nearly 1,000 companies across 40+ countries.  Paul has founded a few of his own startups (two successful exits and a number of failures in between) and spent some time at PBworks, AOL and Symantec.


Tanisha Robinson

CEO and Co-founder, Print Syndicate

A serial entrepreneur, Tanisha previously built and sold daily deals site Now, she’s the co-founder of Print Syndicate, a fast growing design/technology/marketing company with an ecommerce platform devoted to providing well-designed, socially relevant, high quality products to consumers, on-demand.


Guy Turner

Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners

Topic: Seed to Series B – selling hope to selling performance

Guy has been investing in fast growing early stage companies as a partner with Hyde Park Venture Partners in Chicago for several years. He also shares valuable thoughts on seeking venture capital and being a high performing entrepreneur in his blog,

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Jake Sigal

Founder, Tome Software

Topic: Building Startup Teams – unconventional methods to keep your team motivated and loyal

A proud Ohio University grad with a love for EDM, he invented the original USB turntable at Numark before he went to work for Delphi in 2006. Two years later, he started Livio and spent 5 years cranking out successful Internet radio devices and a language that lets software apps talk to hardware systems. Ford Motor Co. took notice and bought Livio in 2013. A year later, Jake founded Tome to go after the “Internet of Things” tech space.


Topic: Startup Seed Funding For the Rest of Us – how to raise $1 million dollars outside of Silicon Valley

Raising significant seed capital for your startup comes with unique challenges, particularly if you’re located outside of Silicon Valley. Mike Belsito discusses solutions to these challenges in his recent book, Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us, which has been featured in Inc Magazine and on the top of Product Hunt. Both for his book and this talk, Mike draws on his own personal experiences along with insights he’s gained from talking to other entrepreneurs who have successfully raised seed capital — along with the investors who have funded them — to provide actionable insights that founders can quickly begin implementing.


Ted Serbinski

Managing Director, TechStars Mobility

Topic: Do More Faster – execution strategies for getting stuff done

Ted returned to Detroit from San Francisco in 2011 to become one of the founding members of Detroit Venture Partners, after having sold his company to Lifetime Television in 2008. He now leads a unique TechStars startup accelerator program there focused on the movement of goods, people, and services.


Adrian Fortino

Co-Founder, FlockTAG & Partner, Mercury Fund

Topic: Intelligent Manufacturing – realizing the potential of Internet of Things in industry

Adrian is an experienced founder, operator, engineer and investor in the industrial technology sector. He leads the Ann Arbor office and industrial technology practice for Mercury Fund. Prior to Mercury Fund, Adrian was the Managing Director of Detroit Innovate and the First Step Fund based in Detroit, Michigan. He also co-founded three software companies: Shepherd IS, Sidecar and Flocktag.


Nina Tomaro

Communication & Content Strategist, & Huffington Post Contributor

Topic: Give Before You Get – how to build a content strategy to maximize growth

“Just because a customer isn’t ready to buy from you now doesn’t mean they won’t ever be. You need to make sure you stick around for when that time comes” – Saul Colt

This talk will delve into how to build and use content marketing as an effective growth strategy. The talk will cover key elements of content marketing, widely made mistakes to avoid, and examples of how the fastest growing brands have all started with a strong, growth hacking content strategy.

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Michael Krilivsky


Topic: Company Culture

Mike Krilivsky is a creator, an innovator, and a successful entrepreneur co-founding and partnering up with some of the greatest startup companies in the entertainment industry. In October of 2013, Michael started a brand new company and website,, which grew at an extremely fast pace and was named in April of 2014 “World’s Largest All Over Print Online Store”. He plans to change the world in early 2015 with an app called SnapShirt.

“Industry Digital Summit [now TechPint Startup Summit] in Cleveland absolutely rocked it out … the Summit was a celebration of how the Rust Belt has transformed itself into an active, engaged participant in the new economy. Attending were a unique blend of tech company founders, innovators and investors from across the Rust Belt, replete with daring speakers.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 14th, 2014

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The energy coming from Northeast Ohio’s startup community is palpable. More importantly, there is real business happening — startups are raising money, getting customers and kicking ass. TechPint is honoring those leading this charge with the inaugural Startup Awards, taking place as part of Startup Summit on May 15th. And we are delighted to announce that the nominees are:

1) Most Innovative Startup (best tech)




StreamLink Software

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2) Most Beautiful Startup (best design)





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3) Best Emerging Startup (young with potential)





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4) Best Growth Startup (high performing)

StreamLink Software




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What’s TechPint?

TechPint is a popup tech conference that’s held in various drinking establishments across Northeast Ohio several times a year. It regularly draws a crowd of nearly 400 founders and investors from across the region for an evening of connections, inspiration and pints.

“Can’t-miss party for startups”

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